Innovative Organic Products For Water Treatment, Construction,
Industrial Cleaning and Agriculture

Why we choose the natural way of doing things?

Conserving our world for future generations is vital to our vision.
Our products work better, faster, more economical and ecological, AND YOU DONT PAY MORE FOR SUPERB RESULTS...
Let us help you become organic now for a better future!

Why are we here?

We are here to provide institutions of the world with the perfect organic and environmentally-friendly range of products and services for....
Water Treatment, Water Plants, Fish Farms, Road Construction, Housing, Dust Suppression, Fat Traps, Oil Dispersion, Marine and on Land... and more!


Our job is to find the right distributor for each and every country. They must be able to penetrate the local markets with their established networks - e.g. government properties, hotel chains, agriculture industry and departments, large construction companies and oil industry etc.

The Concept

With decades of experience, Perfect Ecology has created flexible, bespoke and SMART functional bacterial/enzyme based products. Easily adaptable to the specific needs of different country demographics and the specific needs of the challenge at hand.

Why Choose Us?

On the Business Side

• Higher return on investment for distributors
• Long-term passive income from online product sales
• Better/long-lasting results than traditional solutions
• Low-cost bulk product manufacturing
• High quality ingredients for affordable price
• Our organic products can be used where others cant

On the Technical Side

• No petrol based chemicals required
• Long-lasting effect via bacterial/enzyme competitive exclusion
• Bespoke product range tailored to your needs
• No need for costly recycling or "after cleaning" solutions
• Easy certify process as all products are FULLY organic
• Standards are maintained through constant monitoring

What do we offer?

The ultimate time, cost efficient and organic solution to revive your water treatment plant into a pristine state. Within 30 days our bacterial and enzyme based and customised products change your water plant to an odourless water paradise.

Industrial Fat Traps

Potent bio‐enzyme food processing cleaner, which removes tough embedded greases on all equipment and surfaces whilst highly effectively controlling odours and maintaining drain lines and fat traps throughout. 

Revolutionary bacterial additive for reticulated aquaculture treatment, which creates a healthy environment reducing diseases and algae. Visually cleaning ponds, commercial fish farms and fish tanks. replacement for conventual toxic solutions.

Low Cost Construction

Our enzyme based road and housing construction solution is able to save up to 75% of your total construction cost. Wether you construct a highway or a simple apartment block. Our solutions are very affordable and long lasting.

Dust Supression

Approximately 80% of the worlds roads are consistent of gravel and dust. Our eco-friendly solution is able to suppress dust up to 95% for weeks thus by far more cost efficient for temporary streets or gravel roads then conventional methods.

Oil Eliminator

Completely natural and eco‐friendly powder, for the total elimination of oil, diesel, petrol, paraffin and more. From marine to land spills. Our solution does not only eliminates oil but also its associated occurring odours. 


We offer probiotic feeding and bacterial disinfectants for a healthy environment for all your life-stock and Dairy farms. Naturally safe and powerful biodegradable cleaning and sanitising agent. Cleans and removes tough embedded dirt and grime.

Meat/Fish Processing

Our range does not poison the
pathogens but acts mechanistically by destroying the cellular membrane of a micro‐organism. It is efficiency is due to the unique blend of bio-flavonoids and organic acids in the formulation. All ingredients are totally food safe.


Extremely potent and efficient bacterial and enzyme cleaner. Heavy duty degreaser, descaling liquid, concrete and floor cleaner, rust, carbon, tar and bitumen remover, stainless steel, boiler and machinery cleaner and a superb fast acting ink remover.


Our most advanced bio-enzyme all-purpose cleaner, cleans surfaces better, eliminating odours quicker and therefore benefits your staff significantly in saving time and costs, compared to conventional high tech petro-chemical solutions. Multiple times more powerful and effective! 

Commercial Kitchen

A potent revolutionary natural sanitising, cleaning and disinfecting product range, which is a non‐toxic tool for the successful controlling of all micro-organisms/pathogens across a wide variety of applications in commercial kitchen environments.

Petrol Station

Our completely natural and eco‐friendly BENCHMARK heavy duty degreaser with its superior oil, petrol and hydrocarbon remediating properties, eliminates waste disposal costs and reduces health and safety risks by leaving your petrol station floor like NEW with little effort.

How do we work with you?


Our online ordering system is streamlined and thought through to minimise time and cost.
The wonders of Organic Nano Technology in our product range acts faster and more in detail therefore saving your customer time and money.

Online Orders

Our automated, easy to use online ordering system allows you a headache free order experience which is fully paperless.

Service Delivery

At Perfect Ecology we believe in providing all our clients with a world-class service. Our system is designed to ensure quick delivery world wide with a personal customer experience that exceeds expectations.

Our Experts

Known as the connector, ex-model and stand-up homo sapiens with integrity. Partner, friend and co-founder of Perfectcar and Perfect Ecology.
CEO Africa 

cliff bauermeister
the surfer

Environmental enthusiast with really poor bowling skills. He follows unconventional routes for unconventional results in business and far beyond.

Niels Cira

An altruistic and passionate individual. Cut his teeth in Formula 1 Racing and delivering Mind Management Courses to Leaders across the World.
CEO Asia

nigel wilkinson

A man with a vast network in South East Asia. Developed his unique way whilst heading global brands like McDonald’s, Allied Metals, FICO Corporation, DTAC and Wine Connection

Michael h. Gomes
the Asia Guru

Hands on operator with a fine eye to detail. Constantly working to refine the setup of operations in South Africa and abroad with drive and finesse. Perfectcar Ops. Manager

Barney Hendricks
The Trainer

His diplomatic engagement is a vital part of our setup and training program which he refined and adapted to the needs of the operation and geographical area. Perfectcar Development Manager

Weslee van Reenen
the Diplomat

Group Portfolio


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About us

We are a group of environmentally inclined businessmen willing to do our bit to make this world a better place. Our organic technology was originally developed in Germany. Many years ago we partly introduced it to South Africa with amazing results! Since then we have gone global and now are establishing ourselves across Asia, the Middle East and beyond…as the No. 1 Eco-friendly, Organic Product and Service Provider!

Our mission

We aim for global presence therefore we search for the right partners with established networks in each and every country to branch out globally as the future will become green-tech, especially as water conservation and organic products are currently on every governments agenda.
The time is now!

Our 3 Pillars

LOW COST BESPOKE PRODUCTION – An off-the-shelf manufacturing lab that can be simply customised to suit the distribution needs of every country or region.

OUR PRODUCT RANGE – Is continuously upgraded and developed to act faster, efficient, cost saving and more environmentally enhancing.

ONGOING SUPPORT – Our support is fast, flexible and on-demand. We assist every step of the way… and with every aspect of the business.


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